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During the Covid-19 emergency we are prioritising the production of mobile sink units and automatic touch-free hand sanitizer dispensers.

We currently have a range of mobile sink units available for hire. Please contact us to enquire, or visit our sister site Mobile Sinks Scotland


Wheeliebox Ltd is the only established bespoke catering trailer, catering kiosk and demountable  kiosk manufacturer in Scotland. We are also the only manufacturer in the UK of the unique new American Diner® unit.

“What you can do with a Wheeliebox
is only limited by your imagination”

Up-market catering kiosks

Why not start a profitable new catering business, or move your existing business upmarket with a Wheeliebox demountable catering kiosk or American Diner® built to your exact specifications? W are a family business based in Falkirk and what sets us apart from the competition is our commitment to quality products, customer service and our ongoing development of new design ideas. Our catering kiosks will help your business stand out from the crowd.

We have years of experience in manufacturing, selling and hiring a variety of demountable kiosks, catering trailers and other mobile and event catering products throughout Scotland and further afield. We can advise on build size and material types, as well as the little things that will help make your business grow.

“If you have a vision, Wheeliebox Ltd will work with you from conception, through construction to completion.


NEW! Wheeliebox CNC  Cutting Service

For rental units, please have a look at our sister site, CateringTrailerHire

At shows or events, why pay for more space than you need?

As a kiosk, the unit cannot be towed away, making it less likely to be stolen! When used as a kiosk, there is nothing on the outside indicating it is a trailer!

The smooth high gloss exterior looks and feels fantastic and is very easy to clean. You can still use the kiosk as a catering trailer by leaving the A-frame and axle connected and using the hydraulic self-levelling jacks as stabilizers.

The weight of our 12 ft demountable unit is around 1000 kg, subject to the type of equipment fitted. This gives it a gross axle weight of 1500 kg, or you have the option to go for the 1800 kg.


If you are particularly interested in rental units, please have a look at our sister site, CTH