American Diner

There’s always been demand for retro-style catering units that stand out from the crowd. Over the years, a number of American diner-style caravans have been imported into the UK and converted, but it’s been a very costly process and the interiors are not ideal for converting into a catering unit.

However, the Wheeliebox American Diner® provides a solution. The bespoke catering unit brings together quality craftsmanship, top of the range products and an attention to detail that is second to none.

The Diner is built around a solid 5mm steel box frame, with walls made from a hardwearing composite comprising aluminium and plastic. The hardwood roof is covered with fibreglass while the unit also features purpose-built, polished, stainless steel doors and a one-inch thick tiled floor.

The interior of the Diner has an iconic 1950s look, making use of colours, patterns and designs from that era but still featuring bespoke, modern equipment and high standards of workmanship.

Despite its size, the Wheeliebox American Diner® is still portable and can be used for a variety of uses across a wide-range of locations.

To maintain the uniqueness of the Wheeliebox American Diner® we only build to order and will produce each unit as a Limited Edition. The intention is to preserve the appeal and exclusivity of these unique units.

The Wheeliebox American Diner® can be built here in Scotland in a variety of sizes, starting with the 10 metres by 4 metres unit which costs £135,000.