Standard Kiosks

The standard Wheeliebox demountable kiosk is raised from the chassis using special built-in hydraulic self-levelling jacks. The A-frame and axle are then released and pulled out from the underside of the kiosk, which is a one person operation. The demountable kiosk is then lowered to the required height. The hydraulic self-levelling jacks have an option to fit loading base plates or 4² x 4² wheels so the kiosk can be easily manoeuvred into position on hard ground i.e. Shopping centres etc.












This design and procedure eliminates the requirement for expensive specialist delivery vehicles with cranes. The floor area when demounted is 13 ft long by 6 ft wide and with the A-frame attached the total length is 16 ft.

Wheeliebox demountable  kiosks are so versatile. When used as a catering  kiosk, there is nothing on the outside indicating it is a trailer and the trailer cannot be towed away, making it less likely to be stolen. However, you can still use the kiosk as a catering trailer if you wish by leaving the A-frame and axle connected.  In this case you can just use the hydraulic self-levelling jacks as stabilisers. The smooth high-gloss exterior looks and feels fantastic and is easy to clean as there are no other materials on the outside.

The 12 ft demountable kiosk weight is around 1000kg subject to the type of equipment fitted, giving it a gross axle weight of 1500kg. There is an option to go for the 1800kg model.